Music of My Heart

The music I listen to depends immensely on what is happening in my life. But isn’t that how everyone is?  You listen to the music you can relate to whether your about to go out for the weekend and need some crazy beats to get you excited or just sitting at the local coffee shop.

For the most part my music changes with the seasons.  In the fall I listen to lots of Pop, Rap and Hip/Hop for my back-to-school mood.  Winter is, of course, filled with Christmas music along with random indie artists.  Spring and Summer are similar with mostly Country and some Pop.  While my music isn’t limited to just those genres, those tend to reappear every season.  My iTunes currently has 3,657 songs and is constantly growing.  Every time I tell my mom the number of songs I have she always replies with “There is no way you can listen to all of that music. Your computer is going to crash unless you delete some.” I quickly respond with something along the lines of “Your right, my computer is probably going to crash but only because it’s ancient and no I cannot delete any songs because I do in fact listen to them all.” This conversation happens more than you would think.  But it’s true! I can’t stop listening to music nor do I want to!

What I am getting at is that I am going to start writing about the music that is playing on repeat or the songs stuck in my head. Everyone has a different idea of great music and I am in no way saying that what I listen to is superior to your library, it’s just what I prefer.


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