I’m in LOVE..but really

Upon hearing his voice, I decided right then and there, I loved him.  He is one of my favorite artist and can make my day better just by playing his guitar.

I found out about Steve Moakler when he went on tour with another artist I love (Ben Rector).  His voice is very unique and his lyrics are so relatable. Yes, women are going to like him more simply because he is attractive and sings primarily about love and relationships.  Steve Moakler is someone who everyone should know about! He is great! Like I said above, I think I may love him.

His first CD, All the Faint Lights, was amazing.  It has enough variety that you really get a feel for the type of artist he is.  There are very few albums that I can play through without skipping over songs I don’t like and his is definitely one. Every song he writes and plays has so much emotion which is refreshing in an industry that sells the basically same message. I recommend him to everyone that loves Jack Johnson, Ross Copperman and Matt Kearney (if you don’t know those artists, they are great as well!!).  He’s a coffee shop artist and is truly one of the best.  Basically, Steve Moakler should be in your iTunes.

His music is FOR SURE music of my heart..


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