Pet Peeve: Photo Booth Albums

Don’t get me wrong, I love Photo Booth.  It’s crazy cool to take pictures on when you don’t have an actual camera or someone to take the picture for you.  I use it all the time! Genius invention..except when it is abused by narcissistic people.

I ran across an article that talks specifically about the types of photos someone can take on Photo Booth (link at bottom).  Immediately I thought of several people who post these to Facebook.  And that is one of my pet peeves I didn’t know bugged me: People who upload entire albums of themselves to Facebook.

Photo Booth is a great way to take funny pictures of yourself, but there is absolutely no reason to upload them to a social media site.  I have a friend (who MUST remain anonymous because it’s embarrassing) that has an album of 78 photos of just herself. Some photos were taken on an actual camera but for the most part, all are from Photo Booth.  She is doing embarrassing things like pouting in the lower part of the frame, trying to be sexy, and comments with some cheesy love quote.  WHY? Maybe I’m just missing the boat on this one but I do not get it.  I understand that you believe you are looking good in these photos but is it necessary to inform everyone that you think so?

However, I will admit that I do take photos of myself on Photo Booth when no ones around but who doesn’t? I sometimes even post them to my friends wall in an effort to procrastinate from my school work but never would I ever create a whole album for that purpose! I think that the Photo Booth photos are great but just for personal enjoyment not so much public.

The articles below are hilarious.  I went on and started scrolling through the articles and came upon these two.  The author goes into detail about the different types of pictures people typically take and he could not be more spot on! If we are being honest I have done a few of these and below is the embarrassing proof (I just took this because I realized it has been awhile since I’ve taken a solo shot. My apologies).

Part 1

Part 2


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