Simple Things

When I decided to attend Oklahoma State University 3  years ago, I was not thinking about the actual city I would be living in.  Stillwater is a very small town compared to the big city I grew up in.  When I get bored at home in Dallas, there are so many choices to occupy my time and that is definitely not the case in Stillwater.

So I adapted.  Instead of going to shopping centers or enormous movie theaters, I discovered much simpler activities. I learned that I love driving around, windows down with my camera in hand.  My roommate, Elizabeth Austin, and I drive around Stillwater, taking back roads and getting lost almost every time.  It has become one of my favorite things to do!  She drives as I hang my bare feet out the window snapping photos of everything I see.  Hours have been spent roaming around this city finding random and sometimes sketchy places and I have loved every second.

Both of these photos were taken in Stillwater but I couldn’t tell you the exact location because we were so lost! It’s the simple things I enjoy the most!


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