Prayer: The Emotional Bag Check

When I am supposed to be doing homework or other various tasks in my day, I find myself on StumbleUpon accidentally.  This website is for sure detrimental to my studies but I don’t hate it! Anyways, I was stumbling and came across the website The discovery of this website absolutely made my life!

The premise of the site is for emotional baggage.  You can either check your own baggage or carry someone else’s baggage.  When you check “your bag”, you basically write a brief description of what is going on in your life that is emotionally weighing on you and someone who is decided to “carry” a bag will send you a song that corresponds to your situation.

The concept of this is genius! I love talking to people and hearing their problems and I LOVE burning people CD’s to get over their situation.  So this is literally the coolest website I could have stumbled upon.

But it got me to thinking, “What if this was a real thing?”.  Then I realized that was a stupid thought question because that’s what therapists do but when I thought about it some more I realized that’s what prayer is for.  So many people today, much like myself, forget that prayer is the emotional bag check for real life.  The purpose of prayer is to lift up the concerns and burdens of your life to the one person who genuinely cares, God.  The answer won’t be a cheesy Sugarland song and it may not be the answer you’re looking for but it will be the answer according to His plan.

I am so guilty of this.  I definitely find myself being frustrated with my plans going wrong and most of the time my prayers tend to be in question form and just full angst.  It’s usually long after the fact that I realize there is a definite reason for the struggles in my life.  Whether its losing a best friend or loved one, moving to a different state or just having your car run out of gas on the way to an interview, it happened for a reason.

The point of this long and rather random blog is that people underestimate prayer.  I’ve heard so many complain about their problems and I will be the first one to listen to them but the one taking the baggage really should be God.  He knows what you need even if you don’t.  Always check it, there’s no reason to carry it!


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