Old Man Swag

Tony Bennett has old man swag.  He is in his 80s and is still producing incredible albums with big name celebrities.  He just doesn’t know when to quit and I am 100 percent fine with that!

There are some days I believe I was born in the wrong decade because I am completely infatuated with Mr. Bennett.  The classic style that Bennett continues to uphold is one for the books.  He somehow manages to stay true to himself despite a changing industry. His music paints a mental image of men in suits dancing with women wearing their nicest gowns in a jazz club in downtown Chicago or New York.  Bennett has this ability to take you to a different place just by combining trumpets, piano, strings and cymbals.  He is one of the greats and I would argue that with anyone, any day.  He has won 15 Grammy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Like I said, old man swag.

I know that age is just a number but he is 84-years-old and still producing songs with artists like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Willie Nelson and Michael Buble.  His new CD, Duets II, came out a little while ago and is just as captivating as his first Duets album. Despite the remake of every one of his songs, the new versions ties both the soul of the 50’s with popular artists of the twenty-first century.  Hearing artists I am familiar with sing songs out of their genre, makes for a great experience.  I really enjoy covers of old songs so The Way You Look Tonight, It Had to Be You and Lady is a Tramp are some of my all time favorites from Bennett.

If you are a hopeless romantic like myself, Tony Bennett with take your heart instantly.  I find myself daydreaming quite often when I listen to his music.  It’s too easy to get caught up in his voice and simply lyrics.  He really is an American icon. I highly suggest going to listen to his new album.  You won’t be disappointed!


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