Granting Wishes

Being part of a sorority is not just about date parties and finding bridesmaids, it goes beyond that.  To me, getting the opportunity to help people through our national philanthropy, Make a Wish, is worth more than the title of being a Chi Omega.

This year we are sponsoring a little girl named Rumer Austin who is battling Ewing Sarcoma.  Her wish is to travel to Australia with her family and it’s our goal to raise $22,000 so she can go. We dedicate a week in order to raise enough money to grant her wish.  We hold a softball and golf tournament, penny wars, a dance off, t-shirt orders and other various activities throughout the week.  It is without a doubt, my favorite week of college.

The fraternities are the main supporters of Wish Week and compete against each other to be the winners of the overall week.  They camp out in front of the sorority house and receive points based on the number of members present at random roll calls.  Each house builds a team for the “Frats at Bat” and play each other in a single elimination softball tournament.  Not only that but they also choreograph a dance and perform it the final day of the competition in front of all of the other fraternity and sorority houses.  They are judged by house mothers based on technique and creativity.  Like I said before, Wish Week is always one of the best weeks.

I enjoy being in a sorority as much as the next girl but the main reason is because I get to take part in things like Wish Week. Every year we get assigned a child who wants nothing more than to escape the doctors and hospitals and Wish Week makes that possible.  Since I have come to college, Chi-O at OSU has sent a little girl to see her grandparents in Japan, a little boy to Disneyland and now we are working on sending Rumer to Australia. In most philanthropies, you do the work but never get to see how much you really help.  But with Make a Wish we get to know Rumer and see first hand how excited she really is about her wish being granted.  


It’s an experience I wish everyone could have and I feel honored to be apart of it every year.  Wish Week is not over yet so we don’t know if we have reached our goal of $22,000 but I am confident that we can do it. It is one of the biggest wishes we as a chapter have ever done yet we are all excited about the responsibility of making her wish come true.


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