My Unusual and Irrational Fear

Most people are afraid of spiders, heights, sharks and other logical terrors. Not me. I developed a fear that some may say is irrational and it probably is, but it is still my biggest fear nonetheless.  I am absolutely terrified of having my Achilles tendon cut. I know what your thinking, how is that even a realistic fear? To be honest, it’s not likely that someone will be hiding under my car with hedge clippers but the fear is still very there.

I realized I had this fear about 5 years ago when a friend grabbed my Achilles tendon as a joke.  The sheer terror that consumed my body was like nothing I’ve ever experience before.  I guess I have a very sensitive Achilles so having it pinched by anyone or anything legitimately makes me weak in the knees.

I also have an over-active imagination so my Achilles tendon being severed is a very realistic accident.  Do you know what happens when your Achilles tendon is cut? The tendon shrivels up your leg and you are unable to walk.  How terrifying is that?! Even the idea of that happening makes it difficult to write the words down.  I attempted to do some research on the specific details of what happens when it is torn or ruptured, I was unsuccessful.  I started to get queasy just looking at the pictures. I’m sure the people around me in class were staring at my minor freak out while I was reading the shocking information.

I did however make it to a few statistics without passing out in the middle of class. There are over 230,00 Achilles tendon injuries in the U.S. every year. That is just the number in the United States alone.  That is a very high number for injuries to the Achilles heel. So my irrational fear is actual a possibility.This is serious stuff people! This is not a joke!

As I was quickly skimming the articles, the words pop, tear and rupture occurred more than once. If any of those verbs actual were to happen to your Achilles heel, you would not be able to move because your foot would not work properly.  That is what I am truly afraid of.  Not to mention the surgery that would be needed to retrieve the Achilles tendon from being shriveled up your leg.

And on that note, I need to go lay down because this makes me nauseous.


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