My Life With A Narcoleptic Roommate

Three years ago I met a girl who would eventually turn out to be my roommate for two years in a row.  When I met her I had no idea she was narcoleptic and to be honest I didn’t actually know what that meant.  It wasn’t until we were doing the standard roommate test questions  when we had the discussion of her illness.

For those of you who don’t fully understand what narcolepsy is, the dictionary defines it as,

 a rare condition characterized by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep.

If you still don’t quite understand, here is a video of the narcoleptic dog.

Now my roommate is not this bad.  She does however fall asleep a lot if she does not take her medication.  At first this never seemed like a problem until it came time for pillow talk.  I can be having a conversation about my day and only be talking for maybe a minute or two and when I stop talking, waiting for her reply, I look up and she’s asleep. She can fall asleep in 17 seconds.  That is fast.

But it isn’t just in our room that she falls asleep.  Sometimes it happens in class or even during chapter or important meetings.  She can’t help it and I do feel bad that I find it funny  but it is a funny illness.  I can understand those who have it find it annoying and inconvenient but to those who don’t, it’s quite comical. I’ve gotten use to talking to myself and that happens more than I would like.  But I think that’s what makes her so unique and awesome! Her brain may put her to sleep against her will but she has such a creative mind that I am sure she is going somewhere!

I feel like the really creative and talented people have quirks about them.  And that is my roommate.  She falls asleep when I’m telling her about the squirrels that chased me to class and she falls asleep while writing a paper with her hands on the keys.  Life with a narcoleptic roommate is awesome.  I have absolutely no complaints!

Since she falls asleep, I take it upon myself to document her being asleep all the time. Here is some of my collection of narcoleptic photos.


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