The Dreaded Holiday Party Question

I know it is a little early to be talking about holiday parties but the anxiety is already starting to kick in.  I have a large family and we are all very close.  I am close to my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  We have awesome family gatherings and I love every moment of them except when we have family reunion type parties.  Occasionally we have extremely large parties with family members I’m not even sure how I’m related to them.

When I was younger, I was extremely tall for my age. So the reoccurring question at the “family get-together” was “So do you play basketball?”. My reply for many years was “No, I’m a cheerleader and that’s all I really spend my time doing”.  The next year I would get the same question most likely from the same people and because I wanted to humor them I kept replying, no.  Eventually this got quite frustrating, so one year I decided this had gone on for far too long.  When the time came for this holiday party, I greeted everyone and that’s when the questions came like clockwork.  Since I was a cheerleader I knew all of the stats about the games and how they were doing in regards to playoffs.  So when asked, “Do you play basketball?” I quickly responded with “Yes and we are doing so well this year. We had a game this past week against our rival school and it was a close one but we won! We should be going to play-offs and we are all really excited!” Luckily he bought it and went on his way to the food table.  Those were the easy days.

Then I got older, more high school and college age, and the questions got awkward.  They ask the easy questions sometimes, “What are you majoring in? Where do you want to go after college? How do you like Oklahoma?”. Then they spring the slightly more awkward questions, “So Jennifer, are you seeing anyone?”.  That is the million dollar question.

Like I mentioned earlier I have a big family. Part of that is having two female cousins exactly the same age as me, one on my mom’s side and one on my dad’s side.  In high school they both had long-term relationships which lasted through several holiday parties, I on the other hand, didn’t have a boyfriend or had a different one every holiday party.  So this made this particular question super uncomfortable since I was almost always standing near my cousins.  Now, this is not supposed to be a blog making you feel sorry for me. It’s intended for you to get a glimpse of my awkward life.

Sometimes I just reply with, “I’m focusing on my school so not much time for boys”.  If I’m talking with my grandfather or someone I know really well I usually try to brown nose a bit and throw in “I haven’t found anyone as great as you so I don’t want to waste my time”.  After I’ve received the question several times it gets old so I just say “Nope” and head straight to the food table.

I don’t have a problem with being single.  I have a problem with the fact that everyone in my family is dying for me to be in a relationship.  It’s like because they are of an older generation that they expect me to get married right out of college and the concept of me pursuing a career is crazy.  Now, this isn’t everyone in my family but this is true for several. I do appreciate them being concerned for my well-being but there are hundreds of other things you could ask me that don’t involve my relationship status.

And I know I can’t be alone in this because they make movies about people getting this question so I can’t be the only one. So for all of you who are single and get this same question, how do you respond? The holiday parties are about to begin and I have not come up with a witty comment.

Please, I’m begging you. Feel free to leave a comment and help me out with this one!


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