Day 2: Stair Confusion

One question that keeps coming up is which side of the stairs are you supposed to be on? I actually had an older man yell at everyone to get on the other side.  It is a serious problem  in my everyday routine and have yet to have a solid answer of which side of the stairs to stay on.

Today, Caroline and I intended on waking up at 8:00 to catch a tube by 9:00 and head towards Windsor palace by 9:30. That definitely did not happen.  We kept sleeping till about 9:45 when we eventually rolled out of bed and started the day.  We had to literally run to catch the train going to Windsor but go there eventually with plenty of time to wander around.

Windsor was beautiful! Even from the train you can tell that it is an amazing palace.  As we approached the castle we saw a flag flying at the very top which meant, the Queen was there.  I’ve seen Buckingham Palace when the Queen was there but this felt different. We go to walk throughout her weekend home.  It was crazy cool! Everything is set up in Windsor palace to look like a home, not a museum.  Only a few things were behind glass and it was cool to see see where she actually has people over.  Another attraction in Windsor Palace is the Dollhouse.   I can’t recall which queen had a love for mini things but she was given this house as gift.  Each piece was created like the original so it is genuine silver, precious jewels and silk.  It was so cool! They had a mini crown jewel vault that had baby replicas of the actual jewels.  I loved it.

Another thing I was not able to do last July was the London Eye.  So of course that was a priority this time.  It was freaking cool! You get up so high and can see basically all of London.  We got up at the very top right as the sun was setting and the view was breath taking! For those of you planning on visiting London, the eye is something that is definitely worth the money.

We got off the eye and immediately headed to search for food.  On the way we stopped to watch a street performer.  He did a 60 second Houdini lock and key trick but we stayed watching him for a good 30 minutes.  At the beginning of his act, he was making some suggestive jokes at some other woman in the crowd and we couldn’t help but laugh.  As he progressed he made a joke about Americans and then a quick line about Texans.  I shook my head but kept laughing. Well, then I became the center of his jokes.  They were funny and mostly aimed at Texans being arrogant and stupid but he was very funny and very talented.  So after that small detour we need food and fast.

We stopped at Garfunkels and grabbed fish and chips then booked it home to grab our computers and head straight to McDonalds for the free wifi.  It still won’t let me upload pictures but tomorrow when I get to the Regents college I will definitely upload some!

Also!! Something I forgot that happened yesterday (Mom you will appreciate this).  Right as we got home from our long day, there was suddenly a heard of limos pulling up to our hotel.  So naturally we pulled up a chair and proceeded to watch them for a good 30 minutes.  I guess it was a prom or a party but it was so fascinating! I will admit that the girls dresses were not that cute. They definitely need to catch up to American fashion because it was a big struggle!

I can’t really think of anything else that has happened today but I will end on this: the people that show up to McDonalds at 12:30 at night are very interesting! I’ve seen a lady with a tiny guitar, a group of boys literally start a food fight and a group of girls wearing suggestive tiny outfits.  Needless to say, the people watching has been PRIME.

I would stay and write more because I know you guys are so interested in the very specifics of my day but I am so tired and must go to bed! Tomorrow we are going to Hillsong and then who knows what!!


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