Day One: So Many Questions

My first hour in London consisted of me asking only questions. “Where do I pick up my luggage?”, “Can I buy an Oyster Card here?”, “What trains will get me to Regents Park?” and so on and so on.  However, my biggest fear of getting to the hotel was soon put to rest when I arrived safely at the Marriott.  Everything went smoothly! I did have to pull two giant roller suitcases up several flights of stairs but there were very nice gentlemen that said they would help me!

I arrived in London at like 10 in the morning and that’s when my day had to start.  Even though all I wanted to do was climb into the hotel bed and sleep, I had to keep going!  I showered and quickly went right back to the tube to catch a bus to go see Olympic Park.  Caroline and I were hoping to get a tour but the gates were closed.  We got to take a look at the outside and it is going to be magnificent! I cannot wait for it to be finished and watch everything from back home!

We then went shopping for a bit and then headed back towards Green Park and Piccadilly Circus to wander and window shop.  As we started walking through the streets we found some super cool places.  The city of London is so busy on the main street but if you wander back a few streets, that is where the really neat shops and restaurants are!

One place that we spent a good 45 minutes was the M&M world.  You should know, one thing me and Caroline bond over is our love for crispy M&Ms.  Unfortunately they stopped selling them in the states so we have to wait to come to another country to get them.  I may or may not have bought 16 dollars worth of crispy M&Ms (sorry mom and dad–that’s where your tuition dollars are going).  Needless to say, it was awesome.

We wandered back towards Buckingham palace and through Green Park. Caroline and I decided to go back to our favorite restaurant, Prezzo, and split a pizza margarita.  It was amazing! After that it was WAY PAST my bed time.  I went back to the hotel and passed out! I apologize to everyone that was waiting on this blog, I was in a coma after the long day!

My first day was overall really awesome! I have loved being here and so far (thanks to Caroline) have quite an interesting team (my family will understand the game “YOUR TEAM”).

I can’t upload any photos right now because the McDonald’s wi-fi I am currently using will not allow it. I am so sorry!


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