Day Three: Hillsong Changed My Life

Today we woke up and went to Hillsong London for church.  We got a little sidetracked with some of the underground stations being closed but we made it there with plenty of time to stand around and get noticed by some of the greeters.  Two women came up and started asking us where we were from, if it was our first time and so on and so on.  They then invited us to sit with them in their “regular spot”.  We agreed since we didn’t really know anyone else.  We followed them straight to the middle aisle, second row.  BEST SPOT IN THE HOUSE.  The theater the church meets at holds about 2,000 people and we were basically front row.  But it wasn’t the incredible seats that made this the best church service I’ve ever been too; it was the worship team and the captivating guest speaker from Miami.  The music was incredible.  I can’t even put into words how amazing they all sounded and the words they sung were so moving! I loved it!

The speaker was RIch Wilkerson from Miami and he was hilarious.  He preached on the prodigal son but mainly on the other brother.  He talked about how Jesus never called it the prodigal son story but said that it was a story about two brothers because both were vital parts that the crowd needed to hear.  He spoke with such passion and enthusiasm for Christ it was sad to hear it end.

I am pretty sure Hillsong London is now the primary reason I want to move to London. I want to be apart of that church every Sunday and I want that environment to pour into my life and be the surroundings that influence my future.

After that life changing experience, we walked to the Covet Gardens and got a pizza and a crepe.  Those two food items will become a part of my daily diet for the next month.

Then I had to get back to the hotel to pack and move into my dorm at the Regents College.  I did have a minor panic attack because I couldn’t figure out where and how I was going to get there and get checked in.  But the Lord is gracious and helps those in distress. Boy, did He help me when I tried getting to this location! So I dropped my bags and immediately we out exploring my new home!

Caroline and I walked through Regents Park which surrounds the college.  This is the most unreal place I’ve ever seen! It is so beautiful! There is a small pond that wraps around the college that separates the college from the park. It is stunning!! I’m in love already!

We then caught the train and wandered over to Westminster.  We walked into the service but decided we were both too tired to stay awake during a two-hour long service.  We walked some more and then decided to grab food at Garfunkels again.

That pretty much sums up my day! It was yet another amazing day in London.  I feel beyond blessed every time I walk through the streets. I feel like I am already a pro at the underground and have most of the lines already memorized!

I love and miss you all dearly!!


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