Day 5: Today I Wore A Cloak..

Today was my first day of class. I fell asleep. Sorry Dr. Fullerton! In reality I only dozed off for a few minutes but it was definitely a nap that provided power! So far the class is really cool! I love Dr. Fullerton and I’m super pumped to get to learn from her for another three weeks.

After class Caroline and I start our journey to the set of Harry Potter.  When I say journey, it was literally a journey.  Several underground and overground trains later, a bus and a quick sprint to the ticket booth, we set foot inside the building that would soon take our attention for the next three hours.

This face pretty much sums up how Caroline felt walking into the dining hall that was used for the filming of Harry Potter. This photo was taken the moment she stepped foot through the door.

This was actually a super cool event. I am not much of a Harry Potter fan but this made me super excited about the movie and completely blew my mind! The entire exhibit is on the actual lot that Warner Bros shot everything.  We got to see the Horcruxes, the Griffindor Boys Dorm, costumes, wigs, Dumbledore’s office, the wands, the monsters and Dobby.  

So since Caroline is a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic, she took her time throughout everything and ended up being behind me.  I would run through everything once and then show her where the really important things were.  When I came across the Horcruxes, I took lots of pictures and moved on.  When I showed them to Caroline, this is what she did.

Today, I wore a cloak.  But to begin with this story, I must take you back to before my trip even left.  I told my mother that I needed a rain jacket because it rains quite a bit in London.  She said that she had a rain coat that would definitely keep me dry but that it was her favorite so I should take care of it.  I tried it on and at the time it seemed fine (and free). Fast forward to today.  It is the first day it has rained in London so I needed my rain jacket/coat.  I grabbed it and went out the door.  Once arriving to the Harry Potter world, I realized that my coat looked more like a cloak. After getting off the bus to enter the exhibit a girl turns and says to me “Wow, you wore a cloak and everything”. I continued to wear my “cloak” because it was cold and because I was getting some weird looks.  Today, I wore a cloak on accident to a Harry Potter convention.

So that was petty much my day. It was crazy cool and so funny! It was a great day with the cloak (thanks mom). After that we headed back to Green Park and had, yet again, Prezzo! Then back to Piccadilly to get a crepe and back to the hotel so that I could blog about this epic day!


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