Day 5: Caught in the Rain

If you know me, then you know how scattered I can be at times. This can be proven by taking a look at the things I packed for this trip. I knew that I was coming to London and failed to bring anything that would help me with the weather conditions.  Today, it was freezing and rainy.  I decided to give the cloak a rest because it was getting me too much attention and I didn’t want to make more people jealous by wearing it.  So I wore one of Carolines extra rain jackets.  I would later regret the decision to keep the cloak at home.

I had class this morning and we had a guest speaker who came to talk to us about PR.  My major is advertising so I was not really that interested but she had an accent so I paid attention for the most part.

After that I decided to go with the group since Caroline was off doing her last-minute things before she left.  The group wanted to go to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit.  Big regret. It was so stupid. So after that bust, the question came up as what to do next.  I suggested we go to Buckingham Palace and Green Park because we had about three hours to kill before having to get ready for a play we would be seeing in the evening.  Most of the group decided to stay around Baker Street and do some shopping so Anna Geary (my roommate) and I decided to go see Buckingham Palace and Green Park.  Once we arrived there we intended on seeing the Queen’s Gallery times and prices but ended up going to see Da Vinci’s Anatomist.

This was something I wanted to see because it contained Da Vinci’s work but I had no idea what I was really about to see. My mind was blown.  I knew he was a genius but had no idea just how brilliant this man was.  If only he had published his work, then I firmly believe our knowledge of science and the human body would be so much more advanced than it is currently.  Not to mention his drawings are so accurate! He looked at the insides of animals and assumed how they would be for a human.  He was able to explore the human body on several deceased bodies only to find out his drawings were correct. He searched the body of a man who died at the age of 100 who was perfectly healthy.  He found some sort of liver disease that wouldn’t be discovered until I believe 1920.  I don’t remember if that is accurate but it was something crazy like that! It was unreal! I also didn’t know that Da Vinci was left-handed but wrote from right to left and mirrored because he thought that was easier.

Here are some of the images from the largest exhibit of Da Vinci anatomical drawings

After being completely amazed by Da Vinci, we started walking back to Green Park Underground to head back home to get food and start getting ready for the play.  It was at this moment I regret not taking the cloak.  All of a sudden it started pouring. I had just enough time to get my camera back in my purse and to zip the jacket half way up before little bits of hail started to hit my face.  Then we started running and no that did not help.  It was a good 100 yards till we were safely in the underground.  After that we decided to run into a small diner on the street corner and grab some dinner and try to wait out the rain.

Then we met two “chuggers”.  A man came up to me and asked if I had a pound that I could give for a good cause. I said I had nothing but paper money then he proceeded to ask if I had a cell phone to which I replied yes but it doesn’t work because I’m not from here.  He had a chuckle and said “so you’re telling me you have a phone but it doesn’t work? That’s messed up”.  I said I would donate money if I had anything on me but I didn’t.  He laughed and we said goodbye. I turned around to get money with Anna at the ATM and on our way home we ran into them again.  They then explained that they were known as “chuggers” which means charity mugger.  That could quite possibly be my new favorite name for someone asking for charity money.  Loved it.

We got back to the dorm and threw on a dress (and cloak) and headed to the theatre to see Sweeney Todd.  I was not that excited about seeing this but I figured I had already paid for it so I might as well.  The first act went by very quickly, that’s probably because I accidentally dozed off.  The second half was great! I got a mini ice cream and it was awesome!!!

That’s about my day!! Love and miss you all!!

Oh and here are some pictures from before the play!


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