Day 6: Tea Time

Today we had a guest speaker come talk to our class.  I think I’ve mentioned her before but if I haven’t, her name is Linda Lewis and she is a professor here at Regents and specializes in PR.  She’s been talking about the phone hacking scandal and today she really went into detail about everything.  I was in London when most of the drama was happening last year but there has been many more incidents that make the story even crazier.

To sum it up: the London newspaper, News of the World, has been hacking into phones to get stories.  They have tapped celebrities, the royal family, politicians and some people in the military.  They just recently charged Rebecca Brooks, who was the editor of the News of the World.  It has been fascinating to hear all about the scandal and what not. I think the whole country is overreacting a bit and I think that the only reason this story is big is because the rival papers are continuing to cover the story to put the News of the World out of business.  However, that is my opinion on this whole topic but I still like hearing about it.

We had class and then some of us decided to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington.  The main reason for us going was to see the ball gown exhibit and of course, it was not open.  So we wandered around for a bit and then decided to go to the Orangery for some high tea.  Walking around Kensington Park might be my favorite thing to do in London.  I absolutely love that area and so enjoyed just sitting and having my tea.  I always feel so British when I drink tea!

After we finished our tea we came back to the dorm and decided to go out exploring around London to see what the night life was like.  We ended up just wandering around the city which is still just as much fun for me!


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